Q. Are the restaurants in the book waiting for their liquor licenses?

A. No. Restaurants waiting for their liquor licenses ("temporary BYOBs") are generally not listed in the book. All of the restaurants in the book either have no immediate plans to apply for their liquor licenses or are prohibited from doing so because of city ordinances or other restrictions. Although a certain number of restaurants will inevitably close or change business plans, you don’t have to worry about the book being out-of-date anytime soon.

Q. Why are some BYOBs in Chicago missing from the book?

A. If a restaurant was waiting for their license, or had plans on applying for one, I did not include them in the book. Other BYOBs not included in the book were planning on selling their restaurant soon, or did not allow people to BYOB in their establishments for health or religious reasons. And, inevitably, restaurants will open after the book is published. For updates, please follow BYOB Chicago on Twitter.

Q. Do any of the restaurants in the book charge a corkage fee?

A. The majority of restaurants in the "BYOB Restaurants A-Z" section of the 3rd Edition do not charge a corkage fee. However some do in order to cover the cost of glasses, linens, and beverage service. This is considered a "service fee" and it can range from one to five dollars and is charged per table, per head, or per bottle. The book indicates whether a restaurant charges a corkage fee.

If you have questions about the book that you'd like answered on this web site, send them to info@byobchicago.com. We'd like to hear from you. Seriously.

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